How To Make the Perfect Apérol Spritz

Fresh off the plane from Ibiza, I have apérol on my mind. It's the perfect summer cocktail as it is both refreshing and delicious. I figured I would dedicate a post on how to make the classic Italian aperitif.

It's super easy! Remember, 3-2-1.

Proseco, 75 ml (3 shots)
Apérol, 50 ml (2 shots)
Soda water, splash (1 shot)
Orange Peel
1. Add lots of ice to a large white wine glass. Pour in 3 shots of proseco or about 3 shots, then add the apérol (about 2 shots). Then add one splash of soda water (1 shot).
2. Garnish with orange peel.

Photos of Ibiza and Formentera
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